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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register my child for soccer?

To register your child for soccer, click Register at the top right of the homepage at , then put in your First name, Last name, Email address, username and password then click Create Account.  Once you create your account, you can add your child.  Once your child is added, you will be given any activity that they are of age for (Recreational, LCSL, Skills School, and Academy to name a few)

What is Academy Soccer?
Academy soccer is extra practice 1-2 days a week with instruction from our Academy instructors for an extra fee.  You will have a minimum number of practices a season and a chance to go to a tournament.  Included with the extra fee, you receive another soccer shirt, shorts and socks that you wear for academy only.  Academy soccer is for age groups U9 and U10 and are directed to players that think they might like to continue playing soccer past Recreational into Compeititve.

Fall and Spring Academy Price - $100
Spring Academy Price - $60


What is Recreational Soccer?

Recreational soccer is a soccer program that is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on travel or high-level competition. The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a lifelong love of the game.


What age group is my child in?

Please see the following age matrix to determine what age group your child is in:

What is the cost?

Depending on the birth year the registration for recreational soccer is below:
There is no fall only price.

Fall and Spring

Under-4 - $75 (Recreation)

Under-5/6/7/8 - $140 (Recreation)

Under-9/10 - $160 (Recreation)

Under-11/12/13/14 non travel - $160 (Boys and Girls League)

Spring Only

Under-4 - $47.50 (Recreation)

Under-5/6/7/8 - $80 (Recreation)

Under-9/10 - $90 (Recreation)

Under-11/12/13/14 non travel - $90 (Boys and Girls Recreation League)


What do i get as a NELSA (U5 and older) Rec player?

As a recreational player, you will receive the following items from your coach once one is assigned to you:

Two soccer shirts (one blue away jersey, one white home jersey)

One pair of soccer shorts

One pair of soccer socks


When is the soccer season?

The NELSA Rec soccer Fall season starts at the beginning of September and ends early to mid November.  The NELSA Rec soccer Spring season starts in February and ends in April. Competitive programs may play with only a short break in the winter and a short break in the summer.


How many practices are there per week?

Depending on the age of the child, it can be 1-2 times a week.  This also depends on the coach.  Expect to have at least 1 practice a week and typically begin one to two weeks before the first game.


What equipment does my player need?

Shinguards are required for all practices and games. All purpose cleated shoes are recommended but for very young players, sneakers will do fine although sometimes the grass can be slippery with tennis shoes.  An appropriate size ball is also needed for every player, please see "What size ball do you use"  in this faq for ball size information.


How long does practice last?

Practices for players 6 years and younger should be no more than an 45 minutes. 7 & 8 year old  players practice one hour. 9 and 10 year old players are about an hour and 15 minutes. Older players practice for about an hour and a half.


What does my player need to bring to practice?

A ball (size 3, 4 or 5 depending on age), soccer shoes, shin guards and plenty of water.


What size ball do you use?

Age Group BallSize

Under-13-19 #5

Under-12 #4

Under-11 #4

Under-9/10 #4

Under-7/8 #3

Under-5/6 #3

Under-4 #3


Can I wear a cast (or earrings, religious medals, eyeglasses)?

The FIFA Laws of the Game prohibit anything which is dangerous to a player or other players. Referees determine if an item can be worn without being dangerous.  Typically if it can snag another player's uniform it is prohibited. Casts may worn if wrapped (at referee’s discretion).


Why don't players wear helmets?

Helmets are not included in the Laws of the Game under Players Equipment. Although the player wearing the headgear is protected, he may play in a physically more aggressive manner than others not protected, thereby becoming a danger to others.


Are mouth guards needed?



How many players play at a time?

Under-4/5/6 - 3v3

Under-7/8 - 4v4

Under-9/10 - 7v7

Under-11/12 - 9v9

Under-13 and up - 11v11


Why does our league not post standings?

At the younger ages we place a priority on participation and de-emphasize results.  As you get into competitive play and tournaments, standings come into play.


Do you know of any summer camps to which I can send my son/daughter?

See Events>camps at the top of web page.


Is there a map of the complex?

See below for a current field map.

U4/5/6 play on red fields

U7/8 play on blue fields

U9/10 play on yellow fields

U11/12 play on orange fields

U13 and up play on green fields

Field Map


US Youth Soccer FAQ:


Lastly I would like to wish everyone luck for the soccer season.  We are always in need of volunteer coaches and sponsors so if this is something that you think you would like to do please let us know at [email protected]


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