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New Start Date For Spring Season

Due to the winter weather and rain, our spring season will now begin March 13th. Registration had been extended until Feb 26th as a courtesy for those that did not have power/WiFi following the winter weather, so teams are just now being completed. Schedules will be added as leagues are completed in full with coaches for each team. Schedules will be posted under the Programs tab and then drop down to Game Schedules.

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

2021 COMPETITIVE Spring Registration

Please use the 2021 Competitive Spring Registration link below to register your child for a 2021 Spring Competitive team ONLY AFTER BEING ACCEPTED into the program by the coach and Competitive Director of Coaching.

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

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NELSA Field Status as of 3/4/21

Field Name Open/Close
Entire NELSA Complex Open
Red Fields Open
Blue Fields Open
Yellow Fields Open
Green Fields Open
Orange Fields Open

Recommended COVID-19 Guidelines for 2020 NELSA Soccer Events

Recommended COVID-19 Guidelines for 2020 NELSA Soccer Events:

  1. Coaches are responsible for ensuring social distancing is maintained between players as best/much as possible. 

  2. Please keep 6 feet spacing among players while stretching, performing drills, waiting in any line and while on the sideline so that players can remain distanced. 

  3. Players maintain proper social distancing of at least 6 feet apart when receiving coaching instruction. 

  4. Do not allow physical contact between coaches, players and spectators who are not members of the same household.

  5. Only essential personnel are permitted on the field of play. The field of play is defined as the area within the boundary lines and the goal lines. Essential personnel are defined as players and coaches. All are expected to be on the sideline, maintaining social distance of 6 feet apart, and not entering the playing field. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated in this to help ensure social distancing. 

  6. Seating of no less than 6 feet apart shall be limited to persons who are members of the same household.

  7. Seating will not be provided – spectators are asked to bring their own chairs and socially-distance yourself from others not in your household.

  8. No handshakes will take place following the match. All pre-game/post-game handshake engagements have been suspended. Coaches must assist to facilitate in the reduction of handshakes, high fives and fist bumps.

  9. Hand sanitizing should be used as much as possible. NELSA recommends using hand sanitizer when going on and off the field. Players are encouraged to provide their own hand sanitizer and/or disinfecting wipes.

  10. Masks are recommended to be worn by players and coaches when on the sideline. Only the participating players on the field will not be required to wear a mask. 

  11. Players must have their own water bottles/jugs for water consumption. Water is to be consumed ONLY. Players should not rinse their mouth out for spitting purposes or pour water on their faces or necks. 

  12. Players are not to handle team equipment. Players may only touch their own equipment and are not to assist the coach in any cleanup following training sessions or games.

  13. Coaches and parents are asked to refrain from congregating/not engaging with players and coaches while entering, exiting or moving about.

Be Prepared At The Complex

Please note that while the City has promised to come to the complex and spray for mosquitoes, at this time they are HORRIBLY bad. Please make sure to spray your player with whatever product works for them.

Also, please note that NELSA does not operate a concession stand. Please bring whatever refreshments your player and family may need.



Coaches, you can pick up your uniforms this weekend 10/3 and 10/4 inside the blue two-story building at the Vantage Field NELSA Complex located in Chennault Park. Hours will be 10 am -12 pm on Saturday, October 3rd and from 2 -4 pm on Sunday, October 4th.  If you are unable to pick up your uniforms this weekend, please email Joy at so alternate arrangements can be made. There will be no uniforms distributed on opening day.

Fall 2020 Schedules / Practices

Schedules are mostly complete.  We are working to find a few more coaches for teams.  See the link below for the latest version of schedules.  Opening day is October 10th. Games will be spread out throughout the day as we are still following social distancing measures. 

Coaches, our field crew must still work on the fields to prepare for the season. They will try to put "Stay off Field" or "This Field Is Closed" signs on any fields they plan to work on. Please do not move the signs or get on fields with any signs on them or you will be asked to move your practice elsewhere. Even if your field is being worked on, you can move to any of the open spaces or a smaller field to practice.


Fall 2020 Game schedules

Fall 2020 Game schedules have been posted at the above link.


Thanks to everyone for registering for Fall soccer! We are working diligently to get schedules completed for the leagues now. Coaches rosters have been posted on the website.  The season kicks off on October 10th.

Registration ending dates and the start of soccer season have been extended due to not being at Phase 3 as of yet. Registration will now end September 20th. The new expected season start date will be October 10th. We will be playing games throughout the week under the lights at NELSA's Vantage Field complex as well as on Saturday mornings and afternoons. This will enable all teams ample opportunities to fit all scheduled games in before November 15th. 

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Competitive Team Tryout Results

Congratulations to the following players who made a NELSA FC competitive team. Your coaches will be in touch with you shortly regarding all requirements for registering, uniforms, practice sessions, etc.

2010B Team coached by Brett Judd: L. Rhea, N. McFee, B. Usery, C. Murray, C. Oglesbee, I. Coleman, C. Bush, D. Freeman, A. Rawls, B. Usery, C. Coleman*, G. Edwards, S. Cain

*Could the parent of C. Coleman please contact NELSA ( as we need to obtain contact information for your player - thank you!

2010G Team coached by Chris Maciaszek: M. Jones, A. McMorris, C. Eddleman, S. Nielsen, A. Maciaszek, H. Doucet, R. Johnson, C. Turner, C. Clay, P. Davis, AK Parker, I. Sirmon, A. Johnson

2006G Team coached by Tim Judd: An. Hunt, H. Hanson, N. Nielsen, E. Gibbs, M. Trahan, A. Hall, L. Lewis, L. Crawley, E. Nagem, C. Pankey, L. Greenwood, K. Brown, A. Maciaszek, Am. Hunt, K. Drummond, A. Webb, M. Tillman

2009B Team coached by David Sorrell: L. Crain, H. Rutz, O. Anumele, K. Brown, R. Sorrell, L. Lowe, L. O'Toole, K. Horne, W. Sandifer, B. Wilson, W. Sawyer, G. Polk, W. Lyon, H. Sitton

2008B Team coached by Richard Smith: L. Cooper, S. Goode, J. Bush, P. Riley, M. Moore, A. Sheppard, B. Smith, M. Olmstead, B. Platt, J. Petrus, R. Rawls, P. Russell, G. Edwards, H. Oglesbee, D. Ramsey, R. Smith, R. Parker

2006B Team coaches by Scott Carlson: R. Johnson, K. Carlson, S. Villarreal, C. Burke, A. Cruz, J. Chambliss, M. Kairschner, S. Morehead, P. Sanders, D. Sandifer, J. Thompson, J. Hanks, P. Cameron, P. Reynolds, D. Whitlock, C. Johnson

NELSA is in the process of creating another 2010B team, a 2008G team and a boys high school aged team. If your player has not heard from NELSA as of now please be patient as we are working to form teams in those age groups.

About US

The Northeast Louisiana Soccer Association is a registered 501(3)c Not-For-Profit Corporation. NELSA is dedicated to the development of boys and girls recreational soccer for players ages 4 through 18 in Northeast Louisiana.

NELSA is committed to building and maintaining facilities that support youth recreational soccer. NELSA supports local soccer initiatives at the Jr. High, High School, collegiate levels through cooperative soccer camps, high-quality coaching education, the use of certified United States Soccer Federation (USSF) officials, and the purchasing of goals and equipment.

NELSA has been in existence since 1980 and currently has over 700 children participating in youth soccer.


Updated planned return to play June 25 as outlined in Governor Edwards's executive order.

Below you will find specific rules and procedures that will be enforced in order to protect the safety of players and families in the Limited Soccer Training Sessions offered by NELSA Soccer Club.

1. Your coach will take your temperature before practice.
2. Please use the bathroom at your house before coming to practice. Vantage Field’s bathrooms will be closed.
3. Parents will remain in the car for all drop-offs of players for training and during training sessions. You may not leave NELSA Vantage Field until your player has had their temperature check and allowed onto the field.
4. Bags should be placed 6 feet from each other.
5. No high 5's
6. No handshaking
7. No contact among players
8. Players will dress inside their cars.
9: Players will take shoes on and off, inside their cars.
10. Players CANNOT remain at the fields once their time slot is over. You MUST leave immediately.
You are assigned allotted time slots at the fields to arrive and be dismissed. DO NOT be early or late.

**Any player experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days should not attend training. This includes fever, chills, cough, sore throat, muscle pain, loss of taste or smell, respiratory illness, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
No player should attend training if they are currently diagnosed with COVID-19 or have a test pending.
No player should attend training if they are currently under quarantine due to COVID-19 concerns.
No player should attend training if they have had contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
No player should attend training if they have traveled anywhere designated as having a widespread ongoing transmission by the Center for Disease Control**

11. All players and coaching staff will always practice social distancing during training including water breaks.
12. Players must use ONLY their water jug and their own ball.
13. No players are allowed to touch or move any equipment at NELSA Vantage Field Training Facility.
14. Players are required to bring their OWN hand sanitizer that will be kept in their bag.
If you feel that there is an unusual hazard during the training activities, then you can remove yourself from the fields and immediately bring the matter to the attention of the Coaches.

Follow all NELSA directions. DO NOT assume anything, ask.

All NELSA families, guests and players MUST familiarize themselves with these rules and follow procedures.

NELSA wants everyone to stay safe and healthy while enjoying their training experience at Vantage Field Training Facility.

  • Impact of Parents and Coaches
  • Side line Etiquette


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